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Viticulture Association of the Santa Cruz Mountains

  Branciforte Ridge

Map with permission of VinMaps


Branciforte Ridge Vineyard 

 Owners:                  Ron & Kay Bailey
                                591 Branciforte Ridge
                                Santa Cruz, CA 95065    
                                831 425-8206

Vineyard Manager: Rick Anzalone
                               408 206-2364

Physical Data:    
     Variety:             Pinot Noir
        Clones:             115 & 667
        Rootstock:        3309C
        Established:      Planted August 2000
        Spacing:           5 x 9 (968 vines per acre)
        Acreage:          2.24 acres (2165 total vines)
        Trellis:             Vertical Shoot Position
        Irrigation:         Permanent drip, 2 emitters per vine, 0.5 gal/hr each,
                               Fertigation capable

Terrior Data:
     Soil:                 Nisene-Aptos complex sandy loam formed residuum
                               derived from sandstone and shale.  Deep and well-drained.
        Cimate:            Cool maritime, mean annual precipitation approx. 48 inches
                               Mean annual air temperature approx 55 degrees. Frost-free
                               with little fog
        Elevation:         700 feet
        Exposure:         Southeast facing hillside
        Row Orientation:  Northeast-Southwest

Viticulture Data:
     Vine training:     Bi-lateral, spur-pruned.  Shoot-thinned to reduce density
        Vineyard Floor:  Perennial cover crop of clover and fescue grass tilled annually.
                                Surface and subsoil cultivation practiced.
        Canopy:            Shoots vertically positioned; basal leaves, lateral shoots and 
                                growing tips removed to expose fruit zone and maintain a 
                                single-leaf-layer canopy.
        Fruit:                Crop thinned at veraison.  All second crop, damaged or
                                Substandard clusters removed.  Hand-harvested and sorted.
        Farming Practices:  Sustainability and I.P.M. practiced.  Reduced-risk
                                    fungicide program.  Soil conservation and erosion control

Fruit Sold to:
     Santa Cruz Mountains Vineyard
         Clos Tita


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