2010 Meetings



Wine Flavors Relating to Fruit Ripeness (or unripeness), with a focus on green flavors. And, our summer BBQ.  August 17.
Speaker: Susan Ebeler, Professor & Chemist, Dept. of Enology & Viticulture, UC Davis.  Location: Redwood Ridge Estate, 2:00pm.
Susan Ebeler will talk about wine flavors relating to fruit ripeness (or unripeness) at harvest. And we will be tasting some samples of ‘green’ wine made from under ripe fruit picked at different Brix levels at last year’s harvest.  You can see more about Susan Ebeler at http://wineserver.ucdavis.edu/people/faculty.php?id=7 .

The meeting will be followed by our annual do-it-ourself bbq.


Pest Management and Biopesticides,  July 1.  Speakers: Jesse Rosales of Marrone BioInnovations, and Larry Bettiga, Farm Advisor for UC Davis Cooperative Extension.  Location: Muns Vineyard @ 2:00pm

  • Jesse Rosales will speak about the relatively new and growing use of biopesticides, which are naturally occurring substances. They are in demand for their value in IPM programs to enhance yields and quality along with their low impact on the environment. He will talk about what they are, the benefits and barriers, application, and use for disease and weed control. Marrone BioInnovations produces Regalia and GreenMatch.  You can see more information on their website at http://marronebioinnovations.com/.  (PCA, CCA and Applicator credits are available through an online course on the Marrone website. Come to the meeting and get an introduction to the course, then take the test on the website at http://marronebioinnovations.com/biopesticides/ .)
  • Larry Bettiga will bring us up to date on vineyard pests, specifically the spread and status of the LBAM and European Grapevine Moth.


Soil Fertility, with Amigo Bob Cantisano, May 4 at Silver Mountain, 2:00
This meeting will address soil fertility, including soil nutrients and microbes, composting, etc. Amigo Bob is head of Organic Ag Advisers, and a co-founder of the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF).  He consults to vineyards and a wide range of farms, and has advised the World Bank and the government of Costa Rica. We contacted Amigo Bob in response to several requests for a program to include composting, and upon seeing an article by Laurie Daniel about him in the 2009 issue of Wines & Vines (which you can read here).  He will talk about composting as part of the larger issue of soil fertility. Whether or not you are growing or are interested in growing organically, his talk on fertility issues should be very valuable.

Wines & Vines: What is the most important aspect of organic farming?
Amigo Bob Cantisano: Soil management is primary in my mind.  The healthier a soil becomes, with regard to ecological stability and biological diversity, the less problems with growing the crop–including less problems with fertility, pests, diseases, weeds, water availability and weather hardiness.  You can read this article on Amigo Bob in the July 2009 issue of Wines & Vines.

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